Logistics is big business in Florida. The broader wholesale trade, transportation, and logistics industry employs more than half a million Floridians.

As a new gateway to Central Florida, Apopka’s logistics and distribution industry is poised to grow even more with 3.3 million square feet of industrial space planned or under construction in Apopka. Hundreds of thousands of additional square feet of space are being discussed, as Apopka is becoming one of the hottest areas for new industrial and logistics parks.

Apopka offers an array of distribution opportunities for your company, including access to several transportation corridors. Interstate, toll roads, US highways and railroads serve the major markets and population centers in the area.

Apopka is home to several logistics and distribution companies. Amazon, Cold Link Logistics, and Quality Custom Distribution, are all present in Apopka, with many other top logistics companies on the way.